24 7 not just baskets

The most time consuming part is wrapping the yard around the ball. But once you start going it gets easier to wrap it around. The first thing you will want to do is to put your whole roll of yarn into a small bowl of liquid starch and let it sit for a few minutes. This makes it easier to attach to the balloon and makes the yarn stiffer as you dry.

24 7 not just baskets

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He enjoys exploring subterranean places, reading about a host of interconnected topics, and yearns for Tradition. Post after post, they always use the same semantic gear. For a moment I almost pitied them. Then I realized how much they foster and are responsible for degeneracy. A motivated, organized, intolerant clique among a disorganized and divided society is a timebomb.

Members of the wimpy majority will rather negotiate and surrender, especially over small things, than risk getting bullied by the aggressive clique with no one around daring to defend them.

History of the last decades follows closely the maneuvers of these vanguards in a permissive environment. Muslims managed to make everyone eat halal, as the slaughterhouses would rather do everything halal than two separate slaughter tracks.

The same way, SJWs pushed their crazes and framings in the mainstream: To stop aggressive leftists from helicopter guiding people and culture, we have to not only show the falsehood of their pretended issues or the reality and legitimacy of ours, but to dismantle the very frames they brainwashed us with to condition our views.

One tolerates something on the grounds that one cannot act on said thing without creating greater problems, so tolerating is the least bad outcome available, or that one cannot act on said thing at all. In other words, tolerance means resignation. When it comes to religion, culture, or politics, a plea for tolerance is an intimation of passivity.

Historically, Y is the one who loses. In the course of the eighteenth century, so-called Enlightenment intellectuals repeatedly asked for more tolerance from the Catholic Church whereas they were promoting irreligious ideas that rejected both the throne and altar.

24 7 not just baskets

The cultural bath they created allowed for the emergence of a violent upheaval, the Revolution of In all likelihood, had the Catholic Inquisition been a real thing, the secularist Revolution would have never happened—it would never have gathered the forces and opportunities to topple the social edifice.

It does not exist outside the Western world. Africans can be Afrocentric, Asians are allowed to identify with their countries, and only the West is condemned to the melting-pot boil.

And what is the problem with whites having their own interests? We have legitimate interests and rights too. Pseudo-antiracists stay because they are only too happy to steal and destroy what we built while also nourishing their own wicked righteousness.

24 7 not just baskets

When citizens choose between two candidates at an election, their choices pile into two sets, and the candidate with the greater set wins. The more numerous are a majority, the less so are a minority. Some thinkers, from David Hume to Simone Veilnoticed that the enshrining of divisions into permanent political parties cut at the very root of sociability, as parties tend to muster activists, thus dividing the population into rival factions.

The minoritarian identities have been mostly built by skilled agitators: Minoritarian identity is inherently accusatory and conflict-prone, as it is based on purported wrongs that ought to be avenged repaid. Now, the baby-boomers are quite old, but the mainstream culture keeps reflecting their views.

Only conservatives and former nice guys are not young.

7 More Misleading Leftist Concepts That Pretend To Be Positive But Are Not – Return Of Kings

I have noticed a related phenomenon: Illegal immigrants are so because, by coming or staying without authorization, they disrespect the law and commit a crime.

Eventually they try to get rewarded for their crime by getting regularized. All this is put aside or downright denied by wishful thinking. I suggest we push for the truth by simply calling them what they are—invaders, criminals, unfair competition, illegitimate replacement.

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47 thoughts on “Loving…crochet baskets”

Nowadays, a “minority” refers to an identity built on the model of the Marxist class: a “minority” is a purportedly dominated or “oppressed” group with specific interests. This String Easter Egg Baskets is probably one of my favorite Easter crafts. It’s super easy to make, doesn’t cost a lot of money and it’s just completely adorable.

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