A character analysis of catherine in rules by cynthia lord

With her best friend across the country, Catherine finds herself meeting a new neighbor and a new friend who might change what Catherine thinks is normal.

A character analysis of catherine in rules by cynthia lord

She just wants to have a "normal" life. Her brother has autism and her parents seem to revolve their lives around his disability. She has spent years trying to teach her brother David the rules so he will not embarrass her.

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Unfortunately Melissa spends the entire summer in California with her dad. This leaves Catherine to befriend the new girl on the block, Kristi. Also in the process of making new friends she befriends Jason. She meets Jason at David's doctor appointment occupational therapy, Stephanie.

Jason is in a wheelchair and cannot talk. Catherine learns that Jason is very intelligent. She uses her artistic art work to make him communication cards because the one he have are boring. She makes them bright and colorful.

She also gives him his own voice through the cards such as: She must meet Kristi at a dance and she has told Kristi a lot about Jason, except that he is in a wheelchair and cannot talk.

Once Jason shows up at the dance and they dance Catherine learns how to let go, be herself, and not worry about what others think. It is a contemporary realistic fiction book. The reader can relate to twelve-year-old Catherine who is coping with having a brother who is autistic and her parents centers everything around him.

A character analysis of catherine in rules by cynthia lord

Focusing the themes on family, friends,disabilities and acceptance. Lord's does a great job of portraying the life of an adolescent living with a brother who has autistic.

A character analysis of catherine in rules by cynthia lord

Catherine must cope with this, all she wants to have is a "normal" life and be accepted. She dealing with life by making a list of rules for her brother David to follow. These rules are to keep life "normal". These rules are her strength for survival for living with an autistic brother.

But they also become her weakness. Catherine gets so consumed with rules that she stops enjoying life. She does not realize that it is all right for David to put toys in the fish tank. Her rules become a power struggle because David is autistic, he does not understand what he is doing is not right.

Lord's has a easy style and a nice rhythm, making this book a fast, easy and enjoyable read. She gives off a sense of humor that also the readers to become intimate with the main character, feeling her hardship as an adolescent who just wants to be accepted at home and with peers.

Catherine goes through an emotional journey and growth and realizes at the end of the book that it is fine to let go and be herself. Lord's does an excellent job of creating a believable character and a real life situation.

Many young girls could related to this book who have sibling with disabilities. I really enjoyed this book, although it dealt a very serious topic, it was humorous and fun to read.

From School Library Journal Grade Twelve-year-old Catherine has conflicting feelings about her younger brother, David, who is autistic.

While she loves him, she is also embarrassed by his behavior and feels neglected by their parents. In an effort to keep life on an even keel, Catherine creates rules for him It's okay to hug Mom but not the clerk at the video store. Each chapter title is also a rule, and lots more are interspersed throughout the book.

When Kristi moves in next door, Catherine hopes that the girl will become a friend, but is anxious about her reaction to David.

Then Catherine meets and befriends Jason, a nonverbal paraplegic who uses a book of pictures to communicate, she begins to understand that normal is difficult, and perhaps unnecessary, to define. Rules of behavior are less important than acceptance of others. Catherine is an endearing narrator who tells her story with both humor and heartbreak.

Her love for her brother is as real as are her frustrations with him. Lord has candidly captured the delicate dynamics in a family that revolves around a child's disability. Set in coastal Maine, this sensitive story is about being different, feeling different, and finding acceptance.The way Cynthia Lord wrote out the way he communicates using one word at a time really made me want to continue reading to see what else is in his communication book.

With the little words he had, some of the sentences didn't make sense but you could easily figure it out. This is Cynthia Lord Since Catherine is the main character of Rules, and since Rules is part of Catherine's life, doesn't it makes sense for her to be telling the story?

So in Rules, Catherine tells the story in a 1st person POV. In this lesson, you'll learn about the characters in the book ''Rules'' by Cynthia Lord. You'll meet the main character, Catherine, and other important characters in the book, including David, Kristi, and Jason.

Rules by Cynthia Lord: Character, Plot, Setting TpT search. Find this Pin and more on jaosn by Catherine from rules. I met him at David's therapist and he is a very sweet kid.

Jason is my best friend. I met him at David's therapist and he is a very sweet kid. Character Analysis: Reading Literature Graphic Organizers for Common Core.


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Rules by Cynthia Lord is about a year-old girl named Catherine who balances caring for her autistic brother and befriending a boy with a disability with her search to find a popular friend and.

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