A description of liberal education in employment according to livingstone

Social Movements Theories of Education Historically, American education served both political and economic needs, which dictated the function of education. Today, sociologists and educators debate the function of education. Three main theories represent their views:

A description of liberal education in employment according to livingstone

Past Principles and Present Challenges. There is general consensus today that liberal arts education is in crisis.

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Fewer and fewer students are interested in pursuing university degrees in the humanities and social sciences that do not offer clear pathways to careers. Educators, administrators, and students are understandably concerned about job prospects in an economy that is highly competitive and technologically focused.


Much of the emphasis in postsecondary education is on building technical skills and improving business acumen. Even affluent students are less and less disposed to spend their undergraduate years — let alone their lives — reading Plato, Shakespeare and Tocqueville.

In our technologically saturated society, fueled by a global free-market economy, a liberal arts education has never looked so irrelevant.

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And yet, given the illiberal challenges faced by contemporary democracies, a liberal arts education has perhaps never been more necessary.

This sense of a crisis occurring in the liberal arts is nothing new. It has been nearly thirty years since Allan Bloom published The Closing of the American Mind back ina book lamenting the state of higher education in the United States at that time.

It was a runaway blockbuster, read or at least partially read by people outside of academia. It is unlikely, however, that such a book today would be a bestseller.

A description of liberal education in employment according to livingstone

Though many excellent books and articles are being published about the crisis in liberal education, the general public seems less concerned, and, indeed, they might not even think that this constitutes a true crisis.

The volume contains twelve essays by Canadian political scientists and scholars with links to Canada. True to its title, the book examines the relation between liberal education and Canadian democracy. As such, this collection will mostly be of interest to Canadian political scientists, but should be required reading for any citizen troubled by the quality of post-secondary education and liberal democracy in contemporary Canada.

Indeed, the issues raised by these essays extend beyond the Canadian context and concern all Western democracies. The central issue is the connection between liberal democracy and liberal education. This volume makes a central point: With the decline of liberal education, students today no longer seriously debate the deepest questions about justice, human excellence, and the good life.

This also means that these questions no longer shape the deliberations occurring in Canadian politics and civic life. If true, this means that generations of students have gone through university without a systematic challenge to their unconscious relativism and friendly hedonism.

This is a radically egalitarian solution to the central questions of liberal education. If, alternatively, you were to argue that some ways of life are superior to others, you would introduce hierarchical and aristocratic notions into the discussion that are not welcomed by most students — or, for that matter, most of their postmodernist professors.

What is a Canadian liberal arts professor to do?Education and Training Bachelor's degree and specialized training or on-the-job training.

Salary Median—$56, per year. Employment Outlook Very good.

A description of liberal education in employment according to livingstone

Definition and Nature of the Work. Media buyers work for advertising agencies and media-buying agencies. Watch video · Many of those jobs were in education, according to Edwin Koc, director of research at the association, and those jobs do not tend to pay terribly well.

were read a description of liberal . There Is Value in Liberal Arts Education, Employers Say. Return on investment may be less obvious, but hiring managers seek liberal arts-related skills. The broad goals of liberal education have been enduring even as the courses and requirements that comprise a liberal education have changed over the years.

Today, a liberal education usually includes a general education curriculum that provides broad learning in multiple disciplines and ways of knowing, along with more in-depth study in . Livingstone College is a private historically black institution that is secured by a strong commitment to quality instruction.

Through a Christian-based environment suitable for learning, it provides excellent liberal arts and religious education programs for students from all ethnic backgrounds designed to develop their potential for leadership and .

Camp Director: Job Description, Duties and Outlook Camp directors are required to have significant formal education. Learn about the education, job duties and voluntary certification requirements.

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