An analysis of dietary food supplements

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An analysis of dietary food supplements

Rising awareness towards weight management among working professionals as a result of extensive brand campaigns by nutritional product manufacturers is expected to have a substantial impact.

Dietary supplements are majorly consumed with a prime intention to enhance the intake of essential nutritional components in the human body.

Growing prevalence of cardiovascular disorders on account of fluctuating diet patterns and inactive lifestyle among the age-group of is expected to promote the importance of nutraceuticals. Rising alertness towards calorie reduction among athletes and gym professionals in countries including China, India, and Italy is expected to promote the application movement in sports nutrition industry.

Furthermore, increasing importance of protein on a global level owing to the implementation of new advertising campaigns by companies including Pfizer and Amway is expected to have a significant impact.

Dietary Supplements Market- Global Industry Analysis, Size and Forecast, to

Growing awareness towards the importance of functional foods on account of providing optimal health and reducing the risk of cholesterol diseases is expected to reduce the application scope of Dietary Supplements market. Also, the innovation in terms of introduction of new nutraceutical products including yogurt, fresh bread, cereal bars and frozen baked goods is expected to limit the share of dietary counterparts.

Vitamins-based supplements are projected to account for These product forms are available in a variety of formulas by age, sex, or by specific nutritional requirements.

Rising importance of microencapsulation in nutraceuticals industry to ensure the controlled release of finished ingredients coupled with maintaining the color characteristics is expected to force supplements manufacturers to use capsule dosage forms.

The global demand in powdered form is set to witness a CAGR of Amino acidsomega 3 and vitamin supplements are also available in the form of liquids.

Over the past few years, the healthcare manufacturers including GSK and Pfizer have been increasing spending on manufacturing dietary supplements in the form of fluids to their consumer bases.

Botanical derived dietary forms are expected to remain one of the fastest growing segments on account of rising concerns over the side-effects associated with the consumption of synthetic supplements.

Also, the rising importance of Ayurveda in health nutritional source on account of being supplements with zero-side effect is expected to open new markets for botanicals.

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End-use Insights Adults accounted for Children segment is projected to foresee the fastest growth at a CAGR of Application growth of vitamin supplements among children for providing tissue and bone repair; healthy skin, and immune responses is expected to have a substantial impact. Application Insights Additional supplements sector dominated the market regarding market share, accounting for Multivitamin products in the form of tablets and capsules are majorly used as additional dietary supplements.

Moreover, these supplements are consumed to maintain a healthy lifestyle and keeping the nutrition level on a daily basis is expected to propel the demand for the product over the forecast period.

Sports nutrition sector accounted for Moreover, availability of sports nutrition products in supermarkets and convenience stores is expected to spur the market demand owing to exposure to a broader market including lifestyle and recreational users.

Regional Insights The Asia Pacific accounted for Increasing market size for functional foods in major markets of Germany, UK, France, and Italy on account of the ease of incorporation of nutritional ingredients is expected to pose a substitutional threat to dietary supplements industry over the forecast period.

North America is expected to witness an increase in growth over the forecast period owing to the shift of interest among millennials and adults.

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High adoption rates for herbal medicines among individuals located in the U. Dietary Supplements Market Share Insights The dietary supplements market is highly fragmented in nature as a result of the presence of numerous small and large-scale vendors, specifically in the Japan, U.

Significant players depend on strategies, for example, joint ventures mergers, and acquisitions to raise their market presence. The vendors in the market compete on a different basis such as quality, innovation, service, reputation, promotion, and strategic initiatives. Therefore, the vendors are required to distinguish their product and service offerings through clear and unique value propositions.

An analysis of dietary food supplements

In AprilAmway launched a new sports nutrition line and continued its expansion into the sports and performance nutrition market.This fact sheet provides information on weight-loss dietary supplements *, including summaries of research on the safety and efficacy of several of the most commonly used ingredients in these products.

Health experts agree that making lifestyle changes—including following a healthy eating pattern. Eurofins Nutrition Analysis Center Overview Recognized as a Center of Excellence for Nutrition, the Eurofins Nutrition Analysis Center in Des Moines, IA specializes in analyzing feed, commodities, pet food, food and dietary supplements for lipids, proximates, vitamins and minerals.

Eurofins Nutrition Analysis Center is one of only 13 Official Referee laboratories for soybean meal and oil. Dietary Supplements Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis Under the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of (DSHEA), a dietary supplement is defined as a product intended to supplement the diet and contains any of a number of ingredients such as: vitamins, minerals, herbs or other botanicals or amino acids.

The global dietary supplements market size was valued at USD billion in and is projected to accelerate at a CAGR of % from to Rising awareness towards weight management among working professionals as a result of extensive brand campaigns by nutritional product manufacturers is expected to have a substantial impact.

Dietary fiber or roughage is the portion of plant-derived food that cannot be completely broken down by digestive enzymes.

An analysis of dietary food supplements

It has two main components: Soluble fiber – which dissolves in water – is readily fermented in the colon into gases and physiologically active by-products, such as short-chain fatty acids produced in the colon by gut bacteria; it is viscous, may be called prebiotic.

The following are Q&As on general topics related to dietary supplements. Congress defined the term "dietary supplement" in the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) of A.

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