An analysis of ones journey in life

He is a famous Italian epic poet. Dante was born into a middle-class Florentine family. He began writing poetry at an early age, and the lyrics fascinated him. He fell in love with a girl named Beatrice whom he saw only twice in his life but she was his inspiration for the legendary masterpieces.

An analysis of ones journey in life

Summary Analysis Enrique is five years old on January 29,when his mother, Lourdes, leaves Tegucigalpa in Honduras. He does not know what is going on, and Lourdes cannot bring herself to say goodbye or to tell him where she is going.

At the age of twenty-four, with her husband having left her, and her two children Enrique and his older sister Belky hungry, Lourdes has decided to leave behind her state of impoverishment in Honduras in the hope of finding something better in the United States.

She hopes to make money to send home, and to return in one year to bring her children to the United States. Despite her plans, Lourdes never returns to Honduras. For Lourdes, as for the many other mothers like her, leaving her family to come to the US is a decision she makes out of love, in the interest of her children.

An analysis of ones journey in life

And yet, she cannot help but feel guilty for abandoning them. Her inability to face Enrique as she leaves demonstrates her complicated feelings of guilt.

As such a migrant, Enrique is one of approximately 48, children from Central America and Mexico who immigrate to the U. They come for different reasons—some to find employment, others to escape abuse—but the majority are seeking to reunite with their mothers.

The trip is very dangerous; dodging the police, bandits, and gangsters, most are robbed, beaten, or raped. On average, they are teenagers, but some are as young as seven.

Lourdes' decision causes her family to separate and dictates Enrique's actions as a young man. His need to reunite with his mother is common amongst the children of single immigrant mothers, who have been abandoned. The absent parent becomes a kind of ideal, and the overwhelming desire for a family connection that has been lost compels these children to make the treacherous journey to the United States.

Active Themes Lourdes makes her journey by bus through Mexico with her smuggler—a person who helps illegal immigrants make the trip and cross the border into the United States—during one of the largest immigrant waves in U. She plans to travel to Miami, but her smuggler abandons her in the Greyhound bus terminal in L.

Finally, she is able to obtain a fake Social Security card and a job. But after seven months, she decides to quit. She cannot bear to care for another child when she has left her own so far away. Her smuggler's disappearance indicates the touch-and-go nature of immigrant's circumstances, and just what a dependent and vulnerable situation illegal immigrants are in.

Lourdes must be prepared to work any job in order to send money home, even if it means triggering the emotional trauma of her separation from her children.

Active Themes When Lourdes leaves Honduras on that fateful day, Enrique is left confused and abandoned. His father, Luis, who had been separated from Lourdes for three years, takes Enrique in. Enrique quickly becomes attached to his father, but within two years, his father starts a new life with another woman.

Abandoned again, Enrique lives with his paternal grandmother, Maria Marcos, in a small shack, while his sister, Belky lives with her aunt Rosa Amalia in a better part of town, six miles away.

Lourdes sends home money for her children, but not enough for Enrique to go to school. The separation of this family, set off by Lourdes' departure, has further repercussions.

Enrique is abandoned for a second time by his father, and is separated from his sister from the time of their mother's leaving.

The separation has caused emotional problems for Belky, who has doubts about her own self-worth, and for Enrique, who becomes easily attached to parental figures as a result of his loss. Lourdes life in the U.

She rekindles a relationship with a former boyfriend from Honduras, Santos, who moves to Long Beach to live with her. She unintentionally gets pregnant. When her daughter Diana is born, Santos is not there, but at a bar.

When Diana is an infant, both Santos and Lourdes lose their jobs. One night, Santos, an alcoholic, hits her.

Later, he decides to take a trip to Honduras under the pretense that he will make investments with their savings. However, he spends the money on alcohol and never calls Lourdes and never returns. She is left alone with Diana, living in a dilapidated garage.

With no other options, she takes a job as a fichera, where she must chat with lonely men at a bar. In nine months, she finds work as a cleaner during the day, and at a gas station at night. Her jobs allow her to wire money to Honduras.

On the contrary, she is met with unprecedented difficulties, dealing with another inadequate partner and left to raise another child on her own. She is forced into jobs that humiliate her, but she perseveres nonetheless for the sake of her children.Journeys offers a strength-based, solution-focused program that empowers you to become the engine of your recovery.

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Researchers ask people to record a set journey because it fits their clients’ way of thinking, or to keep a diary which people feel obliged to fill in - perhaps more than they would in real life.

Researchers set tasks such as to recall the steps on a journey and people remember the significant ones, the ones that feel like research to them. Journey 2 Life LLC. 84 likes · 1 talking about this · 6 were here.

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The Hero's Journey deals in epic triumphs, and this one's more of a painful tragedy. But there is a reaffirmation of love as Tony lies dying in the streets, and if their commitment to each other can't continue, at least they can show the world how deep and meaningful that commitment is.

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