An argument in favor of graffiti as a valid art form

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An argument in favor of graffiti as a valid art form

Arguments for and against graffiti By Lily on November 30th, The reason usually given for eradicating graffiti is that leaving it there encourages crime. This is true, it can — but not always. Graffiti left on walls sends a signal that an area, or a neighbourhood, is not cared for.

When things stay broken, this in turn implies that bad behaviour is accepted here and worse crimes occur. A psychology of the built environment, it covers a lot more than just graffiti, and can make a big difference to safety in urban space but in some cases — like with the Ian Curtis graffiti — I feel its application is flawed.

Graffiti eradication starts with the assumption that the original graffiti is placed without care, that it is a form of property damage.

This is not necessarily the case. Some graffiti can and is done out of love and respect for a place, for people, or the medium of exchange itself story telling.

An argument in favor of graffiti as a valid art form

In this case I argue that graffiti can be a signal that this space is cared for. Letting it grow and evolve can improve a place, and you know that the people who use this space are involved with it.

When I moved here I was impressed with the level of thought behind much of the graffiti in Wellington City. I appreciate graffiti that tries to communicate something to me. I appreciate a display of creative effort.

It formed part of the interactive exhibition Common Ground which ran from Feb to May this year The discussion included a panel of graffiti artists from Germany and New Zealand, a public space designer, council staff a community youth worker and a graffiti removal contractor.

However some very interesting points came out of it. The Hutt City graffiti removal contractors use their own discretion when eradicating tagging in Lower Hutt. They too can tell when something has taken creative effort. Apparently not all clients are so understanding, NZRail for instance have a zero tolerance policy.

An argument in favor of graffiti as a valid art form

Hutt City have also run programmes with local kids, those caught tagging, giving them a real wall to express themselves on and teaching them some art skills at the same time.

A positive approach that recognises public space as a place for communication that is immediate, local and valid. The graffiti artists that spoke at the Dowse and involved in the show could get paid work for their talents, but through the debate it seemed that the thrill of being deviant was not something they wanted to give up for the boys anyway, the girls apparently prefer making images that people will like.

Graffiti: Art through Vandalism

However there are at least two groups I know of in New Zealand that create graffiti murals for paying clients. Cut Collective who were present were also the artists behind the awesome Go Wellington graffiti bus painted at the Cuba Street Carnival.

After the discussion on the grand works by these professional artists, I was somewhat ambivalent about the especially designed graffiti boards for the Waitangi park skate area.

The panels are a little too small for a whole city of would be mural artists. Having said that they do allow stories to be told. Witness the recent mural dedicated to the people of Samoa. There was a strange lack of Samoan New Zealanders views on the tsunami devastation in the usual news media.

Auckland is the biggest pacific island city in the world with very strong whanau or fanau links to the pacific, yet all the New Zealand interviews I saw seemed to miss that link. This mural is a good example of how graffiti helps fill the communication gap.An Argument in Favor of Graffiti as homework hurts trees Valid Art Form.

An Argument in Favor of Graffiti as a Valid Art Form. argumentative essay topics. Is Graffiti Art Or Example of a good personal statement Cultural Studies Essay.

Graffiti Is Vandalism and not an Art Name Professor Institution Course Date Graffiti is Vandalism and Not an Art Graffiti is a quite new and growing form of expression that brings various controversies due to its connection of illegality. Graffiti art has been a part of urban culture dating back to the late s.

Big Issues

It is an art form that has spread through the world and gained a lot of popularity; it can be seen on clothing, backpacks, modern art galleries, and yes walls and other public places.

Argumentative essay graffiti, Argumentative Essay. including the infamous graffiti. Many look at graffiti as an obstruction to buildings,which are man made obstructions to nature but thats a whole I will develop this argument in three interrelated sections.

First, I will explain the differences between street art and graffiti. Next, I will probe the. of street art and graffiti.

Yes, graffiti is an art form. Of course, painting graffiti on a wall or other area without authorization is a crime, or vandalism. That doesn't make it any less of an art form. Arguments for and against graffiti By Lily on November 30th, I stated with the standard argument against graffiti, but followed it with several points in its favour, including public expression and communication.

If you want to add to what I’ve covered please feel free. in a .

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