Better care for a better future

ABF relies on an ingenious learning environment to help participants make doable plans for engaging communities in ways that result in those communities' increased well-being. Since then, teaching resources have been published, its workshop structure has become more defined and replicable, and ABF is being taught more and more:

Better care for a better future

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Better Care Fund Better Care Fund The Better Care Fund BCF is a programme spanning both the NHS and local government which seeks to join-up health and care services, so that people can manage their own health and wellbeing, and live independently in their communities for as long as possible.

The BCF has been created to improve the lives of some of the most vulnerable people in our society, placing them at the centre of their care and support, and providing them integrated health and social care services, resulting in an improved experience and better quality of life.

Better care for a better future

The four partners work closely together to help local areas plan and implement integrated health and social care services across England, in line with the vision outlined in the NHS Five Year Forward View. One of the most ambitious programmes ever introduced across the NHS and local government, the BCF encourages integration by requiring CCGs and local authorities to enter into pooled budgets arrangements and agree an integrated spending plan.

Various initiatives are in place around the country. They are already starting to deliver real improvements in the integration of local health and social care systems, including information sharing, where appropriate. This confirms arrangements for operation of agreed Better Care Fund Plans, including refreshing plans and updating metrics.

This guidance replaces the BCF operating guidance.

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This guidance should be read in conjunction with the BCF Planning Requirements forwhich were published in July Support offer The Better Care Support team BCST is committed to ensuring that local areas have the relevant support available to them, as they work towards delivering their BCF plans in and beyond.

The Better Care support offer for is delivered through two streams; the centrally-led national support programme and the regionally-led support offer.Better Care for a Better Future Kaplan University Imagine sitting in a hospital, watching a family member suffer. Due to their illness, they are forced to stay in this hospital for an extended amount of time.

The Arts for a Better Future workshop is a one week get-your-feet-wet arts exploration event where participants enjoy inspiration, encouragement, skill development, and networking with like-minded people.

"Better Future has been vital in helping me to see the future possibilities and to craft a strategy to achieve it. Their focus on bringing all of our team’s strengths together to create the future is inspiring and crucial".


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