Case study southwestern university from operation management textbook

For this part of the problem I need to use the POM software: Use the module to solve the Case Study Southwestern University. Assume a linear regression forecasting model and build a model for each of the five games five models in total by using the forecasting module of the POM software. Answer the three discussion questions for the case study except the part requiring me to justify the forecasting technique, as linear regression would be used.

Case study southwestern university from operation management textbook

This exciting and renowned facility, located in Orlando, Florida, emphasizing operations in a service environment, is featured throughout the text in examples, photos, video cases, and a Global Company Profile in Chapter 6. The videos have just received major awards in the annual Telly Award Competitions.

Out of over 10, entries, the Quality video was chosen as Winner and the Process Analysis video as Finalist. Our previous edition focused on the Hard Rock Cafe, one of the most widely recognized company names in the world.

The seven video case studies we created for Hard Rock also appear in this edition, making the combination of Hard Rock and Arnold Palmer Hospital the perfect way to integrate service applications into the OM course.

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Like many other hospitals, and other companies, Arnold Palmer Hospital had been a long-time member of a large buying group, one servicing members.

But the group did have a few limitations. For example, it might change suppliers for a particular product every year based on a new lower-cost bidder or stock only a product that was not familiar to the physicians at Arnold Palmer Hospital.

The buying group was also not able to negotiate contracts with local manufacturers to secure the best pricing. First, it was structured and staffed to assure that the bulk of the savings associated with its contracting efforts went to its eight members. Second, it struck even better deals with vendors by guaranteeing a committed volume and signing not 1-year deals but 3—5 year contracts.

Effective supply-chain management in manufacturing often focuses on development of new product innovations and efficiency through buyer—vendor collaboration. However, the approach in a service industry has a slightly different emphasis. This committee and its subcommittees consists of users including the medical and nursing staff who evaluate purchase options with a goal of better medicine while achieving economic targets.

Arnold Palmer Hospital is also able to develop custom products that require collaboration down to the third tier of the supply chain.

This is the case with custom packs that are used in the operating room. The custom packs are delivered by a distributor, McKesson General Medical, but assembled by a pack company that uses materials the hospital wanted purchased from specific manufacturers.

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With major cost savings, standardization, blanket purchase orders, long-term contracts, and more control of product development, the benefits to the hospital are substantial. How does this supply chain differ from that in a manufacturing firm? What are the constraints on making decisions based on economics alone at Arnold Palmer Hospital?

What role do doctors and nurses play in supply-chain decisions in a hospital? How is this participation handled at Arnold Palmer Hospital? Doctor Smith just returned from the Annual Physician's Orthopedic Conference, where she saw a new hip joint replacement demonstrated.

She decides she wants to start using the replacement joint at Arnold Palmer Hospital. What process will Dr.

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Smith have to go through at the hospital to introduce this new product into the supply chain for future surgical use? Homework Problem Material This text has long been known for its broad spectrum of material that can be assigned as homework.

With this edition, we add the following five new features: Ethics in Operations Management.

Case study southwestern university from operation management textbook

Ethical decision-making is more important than ever in our exciting and dynamic field of study. Operations managers, like other top executives, face a plethora of difficult choices that stretch their ethical fibers every day.Case Study (Southwestern University) Southwestern University (SWU), a large state college in Stephenville, Texas, enrolls close to 20, students.

The school is a dominant force in small city, with more students throughout fall and spring than permanent residents. Southwestern University Case Study Operations Management Solution Similar To OP Case Analysis SWU Heizer Operation Management Solution PDF Uploaded by Solved Case Study Southwestern University B Chegg November 7th, - Answer to Case Study Southwestern University B Textbook Solutions home study business operations management.

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Course Outline OPERATION MGMT Weekend Mba by wasiuddin. Operations Management Case Study Solutions [READ] Operations Management Case Study Solutions Books Operations Management Case Studies LearningEdge at MIT Sloan November 3rd, - Operations management case studies provide students Solved Case Study Southwestern University B Chegg.

November 7th, - Answer to Case Study Textbook. Southwestern University Case Study Operations Management university case study answers torosgazete.comestern university - upv - southwestern university after 6 months of study.

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