Diary template for childrens writing activities

The form Christenmas was also historically used, but is now considered archaic and dialectal; [35] it derives from Middle English Cristenmasse, literally "Christian mass".

Diary template for childrens writing activities

Remember that after writing on a variety of topics, students will be excited to continue exploring. Fuel their curiosity with this series of all awesome creative writing prompts! If you could build a dream house, what rooms would it have?

Write a story about going on an adventure with your best friend. Who has the best job in the world? Where do you get your best ideas? Do women today have equal rights with men?

Have you ever volunteered to help someone? What did you do? What is your favorite thing to write? Imagine that you are stuck inside a TV. What will you do?

diary template for childrens writing activities

What shows would you visit? What would you do if you won the lottery? Would you rather be an animal or a toy?

What is your favorite road trip game? If it rained food, what would you want the forecast to look like? Write a poem about school. Do you prefer popsicles or ice cream cones?

Would you ever change your name? Write a story about someone who tells bad jokes. If you could read minds, whose mind would you read?

Write a story in which you are a mini marshmallow in a cup of hot chocolate. What is the best kind of breakfast food?

Rainbow theme free printable journal pages for kids - NurtureStore

Write about your favorite sports team. Write an alternate ending to your favorite book. What is your favorite thing about living in [hometown]? Why does the government provide public education?

Are you close with any of your neighbors? Write about a symbol that represents your family. Do you like your first name? Does it fit your personality? How do you feel? What is your favorite milkshake flavor? How do you feel about the Twilight books and movies? What is your favorite thing to shop for?

Have you ever gone to a concert?Diary (open book) Writing Frame. - really fantastic writing frame for diary entries.

Rainbow theme free printable journal pages for kids - NurtureStore

Very magical and fairy tale looking. Enjoy!/5(22). Use this brilliant pack which has everything you need to inspire fantastic diary writing in your class! Guide your students through everything they need to do to produce a sensational diary entry with the PowerPoint, check list and example diary entries.

This is a blank journal template that can be used for a daily or weekly journal page for kids in kindergarten, first grade, or kids with autism. The template has a space to write the date, write the topic, write sentences or words related to the topic, and a blank box to draw a picture related to the topic.4/5(28).

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