Essay on money is the root cause of all evil

Money can be donated to a good cause. For instance, a murder might be motivated by anger, a rape by uncontrollable lust, bullying and discrimination by ignorance. You need a big rock or stick to murder someone. You need the other person not to notice to steal something from someone.

Essay on money is the root cause of all evil

Money is NOT the root of all evil Saturday November 15 Change the way you think about your relationship with money in order to change your life. Once read the right way, it starts to make sense. Let me show you some examples.

Money is the root cause of all evil essay

We live in a society that loves money, loves having money and glorifies those with money. Advertisement More by this Author Many of us have grown up with certain myths about money. We have heard this in church, mostly, as this phrase is allegedly taken from the Bible Can you see the dilemma here?

On one hand we want to make money, but on the other hand we believe it is the root of all evil. When you inherently believe this, you will subconsciously shy away from opportunities to make money, or you may want to get rid of it as fast as possible, so you find yourself spending it.

You may also only notice people have made money through corrupt means, causing you to think that it is only evil people who acquire it. Imagine having Sh1, in your hand, looking at it and thinking it is evil; you will want to get rid of it. But can that piece of paper in your hand really be evil?

As a piece of paper it wields no power other than what you give it.

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Many people have made money their priority, and this is the problem. I have said this before and I will say it again: Money is a tool or resource for your life. It is not your life. It can be evil if you make it your life hence love it or the objective of your existence.

We do this by prioritising making money over everything else. Imagine a household where the parents are always at work or doing something or the other in search of money.

Money is the root cause of all evil essay

Time together as a couple is compromised; time with family is compromised and many times, even their own health is compromised. They are deluded into thinking that if they reach a certain status or level of finances, they will spend time on these other things.

If you make a million, you want five. If you make 10 million, you want If you get addicted to the attention that money brings, you always need to make more or buy something bigger to retain the attention.

The child who grows up in that family will be resentful because of all the time the parents spend with the other child called money.

But it was never the money or even the process of making money. It was his parents who chose to value money above him. Our pursuit of wealth has to be grounded deeper in something more than just making money. What is important to you and why you are making this money are questions that have to be answered.

Many people say they want their families to have a better life. The pursuit has actually taken them further from their goal. When you understand what you truly value, how you make money will not compromise that. You will make and use the money as tool to get where you want, not further from where you want.

Dangerous obsession The danger of love of money is also shown when we begin to adore destination rather than process. We speak of wealthy people and want to know what they have now as opposed to what they went through.

Essay on money is the root cause of all evil

The real gem in making money is the process, not the destination or millions in the bank account. Wealth creation is not the Range Rover or luxury villa; it is a process of character building.

The process of hard work, commitment and so forth are values that will filter into other areas of life, and validation will come from knowing that one has internal resources that they have strengthened should they ever lose what they have now and need to build wealth again.

A phrase by Suze Orman holds very true: Use money and love people.Persuasive essay on money is the root of all evil slayer. of using internet essay incredible essays fast food is bad for you essay caudle dissertation a essay on mahatma gandhi causes of overpopulation essays duke executive mba essays a visit to amusement park essay.

It is about the love of money, not money itself, being the root of all kinds of evil, not all evil.

Why is the love of money the root of all kinds of evil?

A few small words can make a difference. A few small words can make a difference. If any major religions truly pointed to money as the root of all evil, a lot of people would be trying to be as poor as possible.

Money is NOT the root of all evil. If his relative happens to whisper, “Money is the root of all evil,” this child will obviously believe it because he feels neglected.

But it was never. Money Is the root of all evil essaysMoney is not the root of injustice. The root of injustice comes out of the wickedness of man and his love for money. It is mans greed and immoral ways that have perverted and uprooted the basic principles for which the idea of money had been originally devised f.

"Love of money", it is said, "is the root of half the evil in the world; lack of money is the root of the other half." Both these statements are broadly true. The implications of the first statement are obvious enough the love and lure of wealth generally prompt people to resort to all sorts of.

It’s the root of all evil, after all. As the newspapers continued to report the dastardly things the wealthy young banker had done to become even wealthier, people shook their heads and remarked, “The love of money is the root of all evil.”.

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