Financial contingency planning sources of funding

These issues are easier to work through if your business has thought in advance about what it will do in such a circumstance and where the money might come from.

Financial contingency planning sources of funding

Infrastructure, technology, and major equipment are the physical foundation for providing services to constituents. The procurement, design, construction, maintenance, and operation of capital assets are a critical activity of governments and therefore require careful planning.

Financial contingency planning sources of funding

Capital planning is critical to water, sewer, transportation, sanitation, and other essential public services. Capital facilities and infrastructure are important legacies that serve current and future generations. It is extremely difficult for governments to address the current and long-term needs of their citizens without a sound multi-year capital plan that clearly identifies capital needs, funding options, and operating budget impacts.

A properly prepared capital plan is essential to the future financial health of an organization and continued delivery of services to citizens and businesses. GFOA recommends that state and local governments prepare and adopt comprehensive, fiscally sustainable, and multi-year capital plans to ensure effective management of capital assets.

A capital plan should cover a period of at least three years, preferably five or more. The first step in capital planning is identifying needs. Governments should develop a capital asset life cycle for major capital assets. The capital asset life cycle should include costs to operate, maintain, administer and renew or replace the capital asset.

This will assist in identifying the need and schedule for capital asset replacement or major renewal. In addition, using information such as development projections, strategic plans, comprehensive plans, facility master plans, and regional plans; governments should identify present and future service needs that require capital infrastructure or equipment.

In this process, attention should be given to: Infrastructure improvements that support private development and the good of the public Changes in policy or community entity needs Incorporating input and participation from major stakeholders and the general public Projects with revenue-generating potential Analyze the non-financial impacts of the project e.

Coordination with related entities Allow submitting agencies to provide an initial prioritization Incorporate input and participation from major stakeholders and the general public The impact on operating budget impacts resulting from capital projects Apply analytical techniques, as appropriate, for evaluating potential projects e.

GFOA recommends that governments develop a viable overall multi-year financing plan covering the multi-year period of the capital plan to ensure that the proposed capital plan is achievable within expected available resources.

Financing strategies should align with expected project requirements while sustaining the financial health of the government. Governments undertaking a capital financing plan should: Last updated in May Financial Contingency Planning: Sources of Funding AJS/ May 12 Adam Eaton Financial Contingency Planning: Sources of Funding California has the largest prison population in the United States and some countries around the world.

Standard Financial Information Structure (SFIS). Current Financial Visibility Challenge. Lack of financial data standards across the Services impedes the ability to analyze performance on an enterprise-wide basis. Authoritative Guidance for Arriving at SFIS Terms.

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