Friends from philadelphia by john updike

Approaching eighty, I sometimes see myself from a little distance, as a man I know but not intimately. Normally I have no use for introspection. My employment for thirty years, refinishing wood floors—carried on single-handedly out of a small white truck, a Chevrolet Spartan, with the several sizes of electric sanders and the belts and disks of sandpaper in all their graded degrees of coarseness and five-gallon containers of polyurethane and thinner and brushes ranging from a stout six-inch width to a diagonally cut two-inch sash brush for tight corners and jigsaw-fitted thresholds—has conditioned me against digging too deep.

Friends from philadelphia by john updike

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Bibliographical Description 1 First edition publication information publisher, place, date, etc. Distributed by Random House, Inc.

Copy of the Alfred A. If both, simultaneous or staggered? Published in cloth by Alfred A.

Friends from philadelphia by john updike

A copy of the first edition which was simultaneously published in Toronto, Canada, by Random House of Canada Limited has not yet been found to confirm that this f irst edition was also cloth.

If so, by whom? Knopf edition not edited or introduced. Unlikely that the simultaneous first edition published in Toronto, Canada, by Random Hous e of Canada Limited was edited or introduced. As this point in research, however, this assumption remains only an assumption. Copy of Alfred A.

Knopf first edition not illustrated. Simultaneous first edition published in Toronto, Canada, by Random House of Canada Limited is presumably not illustrated as well. Is the typography readable? Is the book well printed? Physical presentation of text is very attractive and readable.

Howe ver, it has been conclusivley demonstrated that these types are actually the work of Nicholas Kisa Hungarian, who most probably learned his trade from the master Dutch type founder Kirk Voskens.

The type is an excellent example of the influ ential and sturdy Dutch types that prevailed in England up to the time William Caslon developed his own incomparable designs from these Dutch faces.

Afternote included in copy of the Alfred A. Is the paper in the copy or copies you examined holding up physically over time? Of good quality; not thin. Durable and has held up well over time. Copies of the first edition in regular library circulation have been re-binded. Jacket design by Jean Yee Wong [Updike conferred with, however.

Publication and Performance History 1 Did the original publisher issue the book in more than one edition?

Friends from philadelphia by john updike

If so, briefly describe distinguishing features of each illustrations, cover art, typography, etc. Knopf publishers are affiliated. Still being publised in cloth by Alfred A.

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February 15, By Jake Seliger in Books, Reviews Tags: art, Books, John Updike, Lifeguard, Literature, New Yorker, Rabbit, Short Stories, Short Story, Updike Leave a comment John Updike’s “ Lifeguard ” is too deep a story to be so clever and too clever to be so deep. The Similarities Between John Updikes Story English Literature Essay.

Print Reference this. John Updike was born in in Schillington, Pennsylvania, and James Joyce was born in in a town located near Dublin, Ireland, called Rathgar. his first short story, “Friends of Philadelphia” was published in , and brought him.

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When the idea was first proposed—in a kind of thoughtful letter from Mr. John F. Horty, Jr., of Philadelphia—that my “Olinger stories” be printed in one paperback volume, my publishers were agreeable but I hesitated.

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