Georg simmel the ruin essay

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Georg simmel the ruin essay

George Simmel has introduced an emphasis on social interaction as a central issue in sociology. He read on many diverse topics such as music, fashion and urban life.

Georg simmel the ruin essay

Unlike Durkheim, who viewed society is an external structure imposed on passive individuals, Simmel viewed society as a result of patterned web of interactions society simply constituted of interacting individuals in a group.

John germov,pp. The details of individual interactions contentwas less important than the patterned underpinning though social interactions form. Simmel essentially tried to define common features from a range of social interactions.

Georg simmel the ruin essay

He considered society to be a collection of individuals, and said that it could not be studied in the same way about the physical world Sociology was more about the laws that govern human interaction Fargainis,p.

Individuals are free and creative, yet are part of the socialisation process. He believed that social order was temporary and depended of social interactions. The conflict in this relationship was that modern society freed the individual from historical and traditional bonds, but also creating a sense of alienation within the culture of modern society, highlighting the significance of proximity and distance.

Despite the different purposes of specific types of interaction, they all have properties related to their form. The idea Georg simmel the ruin essay togetherness or sociable unity is central to the notion of society.

Individuals enjoy music, arts, fashion, sports etc because they have a desire to come together. Simmel suggested that an entirely harmonious group could not exist empirically.

Georg Simmel - Two Essays the Handle, And the Ruin - [PDF Document]

It would not partake in any life process, and incapable of change and development. However, it is naive to view those forces as negative, as there were also positive aspects of social conflict.

Because conflict can strengthen existing bonds, it can be seen as a positive force in social dynamics. Fashion, says Simmel, is governed by motives of imitation and distinction, which are transmitted vertically to the community by a particular social circle.

Wellspring of Ruins: Georg Simmel's "The Ruin": The Importance of Nature in Ruins

George Simmel was the first to take fashion as an object of sociological enquiry. He argued that fashion is a basic phenomena of social life will stop he suggested that fashion is not limited to dress and self presentation, but that cycles of fashion pervades many aspects of our culture, including religion, scientific ideas, food and manners.

Being in fashion assisted the person to feel they were at the centre of things, to feel like a vital member of culture. Fashion allowed an individual to feel special or unique even though they were imitating fashion sense of the times.

Simmel argued that fashion gave less responsibility for maintaining individuality by forfeiting creativity and genuine self-purpose.

In his article, fashion derives from a basic tension to the social condition of the human being. We have tendencies to imitate, but we also have tendencies to differentiate ourselves from others. Some lean towards conforming to the popular trends, while others tend to distinction and dissidence.

But the cyclic nature of fashion needs both of these contradictory tendencies in order to work, and hence the dialectic of the individual within society is to either imitate their neighbours, while trying to distinguish themselves.

One pushing us to bind ourselves to others through imitation, and another pushing us towards individualisation.

That is, the superordinates action cannot be understood without reference to the subordinate and vice versa. Coser, It is questionable to consider that the only approach to fashion is the conflict between distinction and imitation today.

In modern society, there are possibilities of small groups which invent and create cultural traits which they aim only to distinguish themselves from a large mass of people.

Even with the idea of the innovating elite at the frontier of car designs, extravagant jewellery, global brands and so on, fashion can come from cultural products such as a traditional dress worn by a region in China, or jeans from working-class origins.

Fashion is still a relevant modern topic because of its nature. Social interaction has this dual aspect where individuals derive pleasure from sociability, but hold back and retain a sense of social difference. As Simmel highlights, fashion is cyclic, one may be on the frontier of fashion for a while but will become less relevant as the majority adopt fashion innovation, cancelling out the distinctions of the leading fashion group, who are forced to re-innovate.

Something that may be outdated however concerns the source of fashion in modern culture. But there is more choice and tastes in fashion. Popular culture and youth street fashion are being incorporated and decades that represented fashion styles are being re-embraced by designers and consumers.Dec 13,  · Returning to the question of nature, this is a good opportunity to reference an essay by Georg Simmel, aptly titled "The Ruin" (translated by David Kettler.) Simmel was a great advocate of nature as a central factor in jskarf.

Georg Simmel - The Ruin - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. About roman ruins. About roman ruins For it is held in the hand and drawn into the movement of practical SIMMEL Two Essays' THE HANDLE M ODERN THEORIES OF ARTstrongly emphasize that the essential task of painting and sculpture is the depiction.

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4 / Georg Simmel, “The Ruin,” Essays on Sociology, Philosophy and Aesthetics, ed. Kurt H. Wolff, Harper and Row, New York , p. “This is as it were a counterpart of that fruitful moment for which those riches which the ruin has in .

Nov 07,  · Explain and assess Georg Simmel’s dialectical approach to the relationship of the individual and society. In your answer, refer to Simmel’s depiction of some aspect of social life (eg. the city, travel, flirting, eating, fashion, etc) and his disclosure of its formal properties.

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