How to write an artist bio that really stands out from other brands

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How to write an artist bio that really stands out from other brands

What elements, tools, tips, and tricks will help you stand heads and shoulders above your competition? What do you need to know to protect your clients physically and yourself and your staff legally? In the paragraphs below, we touch on all the basics from shop safety to managing day-to-day operations to marketing your business and beyond.

Even if you're the owner of an established tattoo shop, you're sure to learn something new. Getting Started Starting a tattoo shop is no small order.

You'll need to find a location where people can easily find you and that offers sufficient space to accommodate the number of tattoo artists you plan to employ, but that also has a reasonable lease that's in your budget.

You'll have to obtain all the business licenses your state requires, and the tattoo artists you employ may need to get tattoo licenses, too.

Unless you plan to run your business solo, you'll need to hire staff, including someone to man the front desk and phones, tattoo artists, possibly a piercer, and anyone else you think would be an asset to your new business.

Your clerk will need to familiarize him or herself with your state's laws regarding modifying minors to ensure that no one underage slips by them without parental consent. You may also want to retain a lawyer to consult with you on things like developing a custom tattoo release waiver for your shop.

See our sample tattoo waiver here.

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You'll also have to setup your shop, stocking the front with merchandise, comfortable seating, flash art, and maybe some form of entertainment, and stocking the back with all the tattoo, medical and cleaning supplies you'll need to run your business on a daily basis.

You may decide that it's your shop's policy for tattoo artists to purchase their own core tattoo supplies, but you'll need to provide safety gear, cleaners, sterilization equipment, and other basics.

Your First Shop Supply Order Assuming your tattoo artists will be purchasing their own tattoo tubes, tattoo needles, tattoo ink, and other core tattoo suppliesyour first supply order should include everything else your shop needs for daily operations, plus a few extras to spruce up the front of your shop and get the back organized.

Consider adding the following items to your first order to make sure your tattoo shop is ready for opening day: Sullen's Art Driven TV will make a great addition to the front of your shop.

It serves as both an advertising vehicle and entertainment for your clients. Have it personalized with your artists' portfolios and profiles, and your custom content will be supplemented with engaging industry footage.

TatSoul offers 3 styles of tattoo flash rack you can customize with your own collection of flash art. Choose from a wall-mount flash racka single-tier freestanding flash rackand a double-tier freestanding flash rack.

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We also offer more than different tattoo flash art books that you can display on tables in your waiting area. Enhance the front of your shop and increase sales by displaying tattoo aftercare products out front.

A number of the tattoo aftercare products we offer come in convenient display packs that can be set on a counter top or shelf with minimal merchandising required--brands like Richie Bulldog Hustle Butter DeluxeInk FixxTattoo Goo, After Inked, SkinLockand others. If you plan on employing a piercer at your tattoo shop, you should add piercing aftercare products and body jewelry to your front-of-shop merchandise displays.1, Likes, 15 Comments - Princeton University (@princeton_university) on Instagram: “#TellUsTigers: "I started writing songs for my daughter when I was pregnant, but I didn't know they ”.

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how to write an artist bio that really stands out from other brands

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FOLLOW-UP Remember that cold emaling is effective only if, after the introductory email, you forward to the prospect several follow-ups - between 4 and 7 is a good averagage.

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