Life in colonial america essay

The European settlers were beginning a completely new life, while the lives of the indigenous Americans would be changed forever.

Life in colonial america essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. To be successful, each of the colonies had to set up procedures or systems to produce or procure the needs and wants of the colony.

Most important were the necessaries for life: Soon thereafter the colonies needed to provide opportunities for the people to work and gain economic rewards while providing for the needs of the colony.

Providing forums in which people could practice their religious faiths were an important part of colonial life. It is important to remember that life in the colonies was not uniform geographically, between social classes or throughout the colonial period.

The lifestyle of the colonists in Massachusetts was much different from the life led by the Georgian settlers. Within each colony the more wealthy colonists lived differently from the poorer people living nearby. The lives of those who experienced the frontier experiences when the colonies were first established in the seventeenth century differed greatly from those who lived in the well-established colonies just prior to the American Revolution Homelife; Murray; Oliver.

Equally important to remember is that living in the colonies required a lot of work. As the colonial era progressed, life became more like it is in the United States today, but for an extensive part of the American colonial period people had to work to supply all of their needs.

Except for the very old, the very young and the ill, most of the people worked much of the time. Even among these exempt groups the elderly would help with less rigorous chores to ease the burden on others. There were no supermarkets, no central heating, no electrical stoves.

If someone wanted to cook a meal, he or she had to provide the food, either by hunting the food, gathering it from the wild, or growing it him or herself. Wood had to be cut to use to build a fire to do the cooking. This amount of labor was multiplied for each meal of the day for each day of the year.

Food had to be preserved for use in the winter. Wood had to be cut to provide for both cooking and heating throughout the upcoming winter Homelife.

The food eaten by the colonists was dependent on the climate and native species. Foods that had been common in England and Europe were no longer available.

Colonial foods included new world foods such as corn, squash, beans, and potatoes. Locally available fare included clams and mollusks, fish, wild game and fowl, berries, and nuts.Life in Colonial America - The Puritans that arrived in America from to prompted by religious persecution made a commitment to the “covenant” with God, whom had ordered the puritans to “fly into the wilderness”, (Reich, , p.


Colonial Life In , over two million people lived in the thirteen American colonies and about , of them lived in Virginia, the largest and most populous colony. This Essay Colonial Life: North Vs.

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Life in Colonial America Essay Words 9 Pages The Puritans that arrived in America from to prompted by religious persecution made a commitment to the “covenant” with God, whom had ordered the puritans to “fly into the wilderness”, (Reich, , p. 72). Life in Colonial America Essay Life in Colonial America By , more than , people of European origin or descent lived within what is now the United States.

These settlers covered much of .

Life in colonial america essay
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