Meriwether lewis essay

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Meriwether lewis essay

The entry for March 13,cannot be expanded on since no journals for other members of the party exist for this date. It would appear that Floyd was on a trip with Clark during this time, yet on the back inside cover of this journal Floyd notes that he purchased the notebook on this date at River Dubois.

Before the first page of Floyd's journal are the stubs of three sheets. On the reverse of the second sheet are the words: Floyd's time, numbers, and distance vary Meriwether lewis essay those of Clark and others for this day. At this point David McKeehan or some person inserted a note for this entry.

Such notes were inserted occasionally throughout the book and are reprinted as textual notes in this edition and identified as " McKeehan's note. The town of St. Louis is 14 miles below the mouth of the Missouri on the west side of the Mississippi ; and Cahokia Meriwether lewis essay 4 or 5 miles lower down on the east side.

The longitude of these places is nearly the same with that of the mouth of the river St. Louis at the west end of lake Superior in 46 degrees 45 minutes north latitude; about 2 degrees west of New Orleans in latitude 30 degrees north, and the same number of degrees east of the most western point of Hudson's Bayin latitude about 59 degrees north: So that a line drawn from New Orleans to Fort Churchhillat the mouth of Churchhill river on the west side of Hudson's Baywould pass very near the mouth of the Missouri and the west end of lake Superior.

Here McKeehan inserted what was probably the way most Americans then pictured the regions beyond the Mississippi and its inhabitants. Preceding Gass's first entry are several pages of preliminary book material that read as follows: Clarke of the Army of the United States, from the mouth of the river Missouri through the interior parts of North America to the Pacific Oceanduring the yearsand Containing an authentic relation of the most interesting transactions during the expedition,—A description of the country,—And an account of its inhabitants, soil, climate, curiosities, and vegetable and animal productions.

With Geographical and Explanatory Notes by the Publisher. If it is conceded that discoveries made in North America are more important to the people of the United States than those made elsewhere, it will not be difficult to shew that none could have been made of so much importance to them in any part of the world as in the large tracts of country through which the late expedition, under the command of Captain Lewis and Captain Clarkepassed.

For if we take a view of the different discoveries and settlements previously made, we will find that those tracts through which the Missouri and Columbia river s, and their branches flow, commonly called unknown regions, were the only parts remaining unexplored, which could be considered valuable.

The first discovery of the Western World by Europeans of which we have any authentick accounts, being near the southern extremity of North America, drew, as might be expected, their attention to that quarter: The spirit of enterprize, however, was not confined to the southern extremity; but extending itself to the climates congenial with those which it had left, and connecting with its researches the planting of colonies, important discoveries were made along the Atlantic coast.

In the mean time the project of discovering a northwest passage to the East Indies led the boldest naval commanders of Europe through the inland seas, bays and straights of the north; and at length produced surveys of the shores of the Pacific. To these discoveries, and those occasionally made during the settlement of the country within the limits of the United States, and in Canada, the Hudson's Bay company, though not famed for enterprize added something to the stock of general information, and by their establishments aided others in their enterprizes.

Hearne under the direction of this company, in an expedition which lasted from the 7th of December to the 30th of Juneproceeded from Prince of Wales' Fort, on the Churchhill river in latitude 58d. Whatever the confined views and contracted policy of the Hudson's Bay Company may, however, have omitted in the way of discovery, the enterprize and perseverance of the Canadian traders, sometime since united under the name of the North West Company, have amply supplied.

Meriwether lewis essay

Prior to the year they had extended their discoveries and establishments along the numerous lakes and rivers situated north of that high tract of country which divides the Mississippi and Missouri waters from those which run towards the north and east, to within a short distance of the Rocky Mountains.

In the summer of this year Mr. McKenzie made a voyage from Fort Chepewyan on the lake of the Hills in latitude 58d. He again in the year penetrated from an establishment on the Peace river in latitude 56d.

By the discoveries alluded to, and those occasionally made during the rapid settlement of the country and the progress of enterprize, the principal divisions of this Northern Continent has been explored and become known.

The line separating these from the parts which remained unexplored and unknown, may be considered as commencing at the Pacific ocean in latitude about 38d.

This tract from its situation may be supposed to contain the chief part of those lands in the great western division of the continent of North America fit for tillage: It will not be forgotten that an immense sum of treasure has been expended in the purchase of this country, and that it is now considered as belonging to the United States.

Here at no distant period settlements may be formed; and in a much shorter term than has elapsed since the first were made in America, from which hath arisen a great, powerful and independent nation, the posterity of the present inhabitants of the Union may unfurl the standard of independence on the plains of the Missouri and Columbia.

With respect to the accuracy of the relations given in the following pages, it may be necessary to inform those readers not acquainted with the fact, that the principal object in sending out the expedition was to gain some correct account of the country: By thus multiplying the journals, revising and correcting them, the chances of securing to the country a true account of the progress of the expedition and of the discoveries which should be made, especially should the party be attacked and defeated by the savages or meet with any other disasters in their hazardous enterprize, were also multiplied.

The following is an extract of a certificate delivered by Captain Lewis to Mr. Gassdated St. Two plans presented themselves.Glacier County is located in the U.S.

state of of the census, the population was 13, The county is located in northwestern Montana between the Great Plains and the Rocky Mountains, known to the Blackfeet as the "Backbone of the World".

The county is geographically and culturally diverse and includes the Blackfeet Native American Reservation, Glacier National Park, and Lewis. Meriwether Lewis: Unit Study Curriculum Guide (Heroes of History) (Heroes of History Unit Study Curriculum Guides) Study Guide ed. Edition. In composition and academic writing, a thesis statement (or controlling idea) is a sentence in an essay, report, research paper, or speech that identifies the main idea and/or central purpose of the rhetoric, a claim is similar to a thesis.

On Monday the 14th of May , we left our establishment at the mouth of the river du Bois or Wood river, a small river which falls into the Mississippi, on the east-side, a mile below the Missouri, and having crossed the Mississippi proceeded up the Missouri on our intended voyage of discovery, under the command of Captain Clarke.

Captain Lewis was to join us in two or three days on our passage. Event. Date. Global Population Statistics. The Spanish “Reconquest” of the Iberian peninsula ends in January with the conquest of Granada, the last city held by the Moors.

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