My experience in america

I came to Winona State University in the fall of and transferred to St. My first quarter in Winona, I had a roommate named Mike. The day after I arrived, he asked me if I wanted a pop. Back home we refer to carbonated drinks as "cold drinks.

My experience in america

I wanted to defend those liberties in America. Recently, however, I found out that my American Dream is over. I will shortly have to leave the land I love and return to the United Kingdom.

What happened that put me in this position? I was offered a staff attorney position at a Washington, D. I went to university here and then law school at William and Mary and have called Virginia home for years. The DOL compared my anticipated wage at a non-profit to what lawyers make in private practice.

My experience in america

Despite proof that my salary was going to be in line with other non-profit lawyer salaries in the city, the DOL rejected the paperwork and me along with it.

The DOL gave me no reason for why the visa application was denied. By law, they do not have to provide one. I have no opportunity to appeal. There is no possibility to re-file for the visa because the government grants so few every year that they ran out weeks ago.

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There is no immigration line. There is no Ellis Island. I have lived here legally—studying and working hard—but under the law there is no way for me to stay. An overly complex, tortuously slow, and arbitrary immigration system at the whim of unaccountable bureaucrats rules the day. The laws that so many of my fellow Americans want to be enforced make it impossible for me — and many others like me — from living the American Dream.

These laws also hurt our country in the process, burdening employers with expensive regulations for no conceivable end, and leaving positions unfilled. All I want is a chance to legally live, work, and defend the Constitution of my country.

My experience in america essay

Highly-skilled immigrants have been voiceless in the debate over immigration reform. Illegal immigrants wanting legalization, immigration enforcement hawks, and guest workers have sucked all of the air out of the room.

I understand the concerns of all those groups and share many of them myself, but please do not forget the millions of highly skilled immigrants and potential immigrants who are trying to follow the laws.

I will not commit fraud to get a green card through a sham marriage nor will I stay here illegally. I will not break the law no matter how unjust I think it is.Experience America provides customized educational tours for students and summer camps across U.S., Canada, and Asia.

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My experience in america

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