Pet grooming shop business plan

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Pet grooming shop business plan

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With dogs in almost 45 million homes in America, grooming services have become even more important. It is also important that an accurate customer base is identified so that the best service can be provided. There are two types of grooming service set-ups, the retail based groom shops and the mobile groom shops.

Industry Snapshot The pet grooming industry is one that is steadily growing from year to year. With an estimated Furthermore, the Household Spending for pet services shows the following average spending: What better way to ease this than by having the groomer come to you?

They can still have their pet groomed without having to make special arrangements with family or others who assist them.


Because this mobile service is not restricted to the elderly, it also benefits anyone whose tight schedules make this a difficult challenge. The only draw back is that the number of appointments that a mobile groomer is able to make for one day is far less than what is available in a commercial retail environment.

Commercial groomers tend to be customer schedule friendly. These commercial locations often offer a larger space for the business to expand as well as make available specialty products for customers.

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Some examples of complementary or specialty products might include having brushes, combs and pet cologne available to buy so your customers can keep their pet in a just groomed look. You might even find collars, toys, dog chews, special treats made from a dog bakery and treat jars.

Offering these products can help the customer reward there pet for being a good pet. A disadvantage of a commercial retail outlet is that you must be in a good location. If you do not place your store in a god location you may not get the clientele you expected.

Industry Trends The grooming process for pets has become more than just a bath and style. Now some lucky dogs get the full spa treatment including: Tooth brushing and breath freshener Pedicures Specialty Bows and Bandanas Dog apparel Specialty Styles Specialty Shampoos With all these services being added to your pets groom routine, opportunities for product and service expansion abound.

pet grooming shop business plan

To many pet owners, knowing that their pet is being treated like they would be if going to a salon, gives them a sense of security knowing that their pets are in good hands. Pricing The following tables show the results of a price survey for non-mobile grooming and mobile grooming conducted by www.

This is one of the examples on a non-mobile groom shop rates.There's no simpler way to write a professional grooming salon or shop business plan suitable to present to banks than with Pet Grooming Business Plan Helper & Sampler.

In fact, one of the sample plans is a complete one-person to staffed grooming business achieved by one of our clients. From advice on zoning, permits, and insurance to constructing and financing your home pet grooming shop, this guide can help you hit the ground running.

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Grooming Business Plan Writing Software, User Guide & Real Samples. NOTICE: Many people come back daily or at least weekly to view the newest ads.

pet grooming shop business plan

Keep in mind we sort ads by their "expiration date" (the date at the end of the ad). Now starting a dog grooming business is not really a big deal. In fact, with little or no capital, you can start this business. What you need is just the will to succeed and a passion for animals especially dogs.

Your next step in planning is to learn how to write a dog grooming business plan, and do it accurately. Although not all owners do it, every dog should be groomed at least twice a year.

With the rapid growth of the pet industry, this guarantees dog groomers a steady stream of clientele. For customer convenience, in addition to day care, Noah's Arf will include overnight care, in-home care, wash your own, pet grooming, animal behavior, pet portraits, gift and pet specialty products, 24 hour service, and special requests, all at one facility/5(37).

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