Sending people back in time by treating people as peaces of data

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Sending people back in time by treating people as peaces of data

She is just one of the hundreds of patients who will be admitted this year to my emergency department in the Mat-Su Regional Medical Center in Palmer, Alaska, experiencing psychiatric emergencies.

Many stay in the emergency department for hours; some even stay there for a few days. The practice, called psychiatric boardingoccurs when an individual with a mental health condition is kept in an emergency department because no appropriate mental health care is available.

Too few outpatient resources and inpatient treatment options for mental health issues; separate systems for treating mental health and physical health; and a shortage of specialists able to respond to patients in the midst of mental health crises, to name just a few.

I believe hospitals can curb this trend by doing a few key things, beginning with improved collaboration. Behavioral health emergencies by the numbers The statistics are staggering: Nearly 1 in 5 U.

And it comes at a time when the demand for mental health professionals is outstripping the supply. For psychiatrists alone, a report published by the National Council for Behavioral Health estimates the shortage will be between 6, and 15, practitioners by That same report points out that lack of access to psychiatric services in hospital emergency departments is especially problematic.

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InAlaska Psychiatric Institute had beds. Today, when fully staffed, it has 80 beds, with just 50 beds for patients experiencing acute episodes of mental illness.

The recent publication of a report about unsafe working conditions at the institute prompted its director to resign.

The result of this downsizing and chaos? Patients needing inpatient treatment end up bouncing from group homes to acute-care settings, like the emergency department or, worse, end up in jail. Jail and prison are now among the largest settings for mental health services, a final destination for individuals failed by the medical system.

Yet neither correctional facilities nor emergency departments constitute the best therapeutic environment for people in the midst of mental health crises, and the care or lack of it they get there often leads to poor outcomes. | People Search

Given the consequences of inaction and insufficient resources, health care organizations need better tools, solutions, and integrated-care approaches so patients leave hospitals not just physically alive, but mentally thriving.

Understanding the underserved behavioral health patient How did the emergency department become the epicenter for psychiatric care in so many states?

I think of it as an overflow tank. When one part of the health care system fails, problems trickle down and come to rest in the emergency department. The tremendous fear and stigma associated with mental health makes the problem worse, as many patients fail to seek help at the onset of a mental health issue.

There are financial barriers, too. We would assure her she did not have a life-threatening condition and release her. But the moment she got into the parking lot, she would again experience chest pains and rush back in to the hospital.

Jack Harkness

She spent so much time in the emergency department that she lost her job, housing, and friends. It finally took a trespassing violation at the hospital to land her in a local, progressive mental health court.

Instead of being given jail time, she was instead paired with a probation officer who doubled as her personal counselor and who also set her up with supplemental professional help for ongoing therapy. The probation officer was able to talk her down when she felt overwhelmed by the compulsion to check into the emergency department.

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Today, she has a job, an apartment, and is a functional member of society. Had she received a behavioral health intervention sooner, she would have been spared a lot of grief — and the health care system a lot of extra work and cost.

Still, she is one of the lucky ones. Too many people linger for extended periods in the emergency department, the most expensive and hardest way for them to get the help they need. College can be brutal for students with serious mental health conditions. Individual health care providers can help change things by treating mental health conditions like any other disease process, instead of treating them like burdensome acute flare-ups that can be squashed and forgotten.

System-wide, when patients with psychiatric issues arrive in the emergency department, we need an easier way to transfer them to a higher level of care for psychiatric issues. Better coordination with mental health providers, even bringing such providers into the initial decision-making process, would speed treatment and free up emergency department resources.

Scott Zeller, which create a separate psychiatric emergency department where patents can be stabilized and worked into a coordinated system to escalate their care as needed. The results of a day trial of this approach were impressive: New tools and technology can help improve collaboration between emergency and behavioral health providers to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Mat-Su Regional Medical Center, along with most hospitals across Alaska, are part of the Collective Medical network for which I am an unpaid member of the clinical advisory board.The series of experiments SERN is performing at the LHC, using the particle accelerator to transport hopeful people back through time.

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Sending people back in time by treating people as peaces of data

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View Essay - Geography Reading Project Paper from GEO at West Chester University. This book is about a company that has figured out how to send people back in time by treating people as pieces of. Jul 24,  · This data gathering does not amount to a “controlled” experiment in that there is no matched group of people getting a placebo treatment, or no treatment at all, for comparison.

If I could go back in time 40 years, I would tell the people I knew to avoid “treatment” at all costs.

Sending people back in time by treating people as peaces of data

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We need to find a better place to treat mental health emergencies - STAT