Story starting from after it was all over i realised that every cloud has a silver lining

Every Cloud has a Silver Lining. The proverb conveys the message that one has to stay positive at all times and never lose hope at any cost. A huge black cloud generally blocks the sun fight and makes the atmosphere appear dull and dark.

Story starting from after it was all over i realised that every cloud has a silver lining

The fact is that it never was. Gold was worth more than silver then, now and will be in the future. The proverb is used to encourage a person who is facing great difficulties and is unable to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Story starting from after it was all over i realised that every cloud has a silver lining

It can also be used to describe bad experiences which turn out to be blessings in disguise; seemingly desperate situations that turn out to be great results in the end. This article is about the latter. By the way, I like to add the word "dark" to this proverb, to read, "Every dark cloud has a silver lining".

This is to emphasize the hope and belief that even very difficult situation has the potential to create positive and beneficial result. And what about this? On the American scene, the famous American impresario Phineas T.

Whichever way we choose to express it, the meaning is very clear. No matter how hopeless or desperate or difficult or challenging, a situation is, it will definitely lead to even better days to come.

Just like the dark cloud with the silver lining, there is light and brightness hidden behind it. When there is no more demand for the product or service that one has to offer, then one is in deep trouble. In my location, the common mode of transport during the s, was the humble bicycle.

You were in the right trade at the right time then, if you were in the bicycle business. From the s, things began to change. In fact, in this world, everything is constantly changing. After a period of time, the product will be redundant or not in demand.

However, this particular product may reappear after a certain period. But the product has a life span at any one time. The bicycle was no exception. In our location, the product life span of the bicycle started to decline from the s onwards, and by the 70s, the bicycles were pushed aside by the motor-cycles.

Coming back to my story; this entrepreneur was in deep trouble cameand the bicycle business gradually lost steam, and by the 70s, no one operated a bicycle shop. Of course, the best and normal option was to sell the newly substituted product, the motor-cycles.

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So, most of the bicycle shops were converted into motor-cycle shops. Some simply folded up and went into oblivion, being unable to re-invent and adapt to change. The story did not follow that trend for this entrepreneur.

He closed his almost empty bicycle shop and contemplated…. Fortunately, this entrepreneur had up his sleeve, a secret product which he had faith in.

This product was a traditional herbal ointment made from natural herbal ingredients. The recipe was a closely guarded secret passed down from his ancestors in China. Initially, he started marketing his herbal ointment by employing salesgirls on a house-to-house promotion, traversing the remote villages of the whole country.

That was his niche market. He brought his product to the target customers in those remote villages where there was no competition. I knew this entrepreneur intimately because he was my father. Take a look at the photo below. When He Got The Sack What would you do if you were holding a high executive position at the prime of your career life, and you got the sack?

In other words, he was sacked.Every Silver Lining has its Cloud. She suddenly realized she was many miles away from home; the fight with the Vrocks and her hike had taken her much farther away from the plane-shifted city than she had anticipated. The remains of candles that had long since burned out were littered over almost every surface.

Ancient books were stacked. This story is a sequel to Every Cloud has a Silver Lining Silver Lining, now wielding a cutie mark and an insatiable desire to learn and codify magic, has graduated from grade school and now faces the challenges of a magic academy as a young adult.

Mar 08,  · After all was said and done, and life was set back to its usual order, (your hero's name) heaved a sigh of relief.

The experience left him shaken but also richer in experience which would help him advance in life, so it truly was true that every cloud has a silver Open.

Silver lives alone in a small cottage he built with his psychokinesis when he got stranded, it has five main rooms (bedroom, kitchen, living room, extra room, and an attic) that are all fairly small, a bathroom downstairs, and its two stories high.

Apr 22,  · In this episode three idiomatic phrases connected with silver: To be born with a silver-spoon in your mouth; To have a silver-tongue; Every cloud has a silver-lining.

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A huge black cloud generally blocks the sun fight and makes the atmosphere appear dull and dark. But on closer observation, we will find the sun rays trying to peep through the sides of the cloud, creating a fine silver lining all around the edges of the cloud. Similarly in life, we all go through bad phases.

Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining by Anne Mazer