The expanding universe

However, when Einstein tried to apply his General Theory of Relativity to the universe as a whole, he realized that space-time as a whole must be warped and curved back on itself, which in itself would cause matter to move, shrinking uncontrollably under its own gravity. Thus, as early asEinstein and others realized that the equations of general relativity did not describe a static universe. Adding additional and arbitrary terms to a theory is not something that scientists do lightly, and many people argued that it was an artificial and arbitrary construct and at best a stop-gap solution.

The expanding universe

Discovered inthe origin of these bubbles remains a complete mystery. Emanating from the center of our Milky Way Galaxy are two bubbles made solely of powerful gamma rays. This would have been strange enough if the bubbles, expanding at 2. They are tangent to each other, touching at the galactic center to form a squat hourglass shape.

The entire structure looks like the number 8 or a sideways infinity symbol.

The expanding universe

Gamma rays are the bad boys of the electromagnetic spectrum — the highest-energy photons in the universe. Radiation whose waves are a mile apart radio waves are weak and benign; visible light has microscopically close-together waves; X-rays, and especially gamma rays, are crammed together with the maximum number of wave crests passing a given point per second.

Because of this, gamma rays do not reliably reflect off objects the way visible light does. Rather, they penetrate stuff.

Our Expanding Universe: Age, History & Other Facts

Their photons drill through human bodies at the speed of light, damaging chromosomes along the way. Although the Sun creates copious gamma rays in its fusion furnace, they are absorbed and re-radiated as gentler forms of light as they squirm upward to the solar surface.

What finally flies away from the Sun is a roughly mixture of heat and visible light and virtually no X-rays or gamma rays at all. The only gamma rays flying near us come from distant violent events like supernovae.

These bubbles are sharp-edged, well-defined, and nothing short of enormous. It takes up half of our southern sky.

The expanding universe

Theorists need to explain more than just what could have produced this kind of extreme energy, which is equivalent toexploding supernovae. They must also explain the off-center nature of the bubbles because each seemingly surrounds nothingness.

Jon Morse, director of the astrophysics division at NASA, summed up the discovery at a press conference: Trying to come up with some explanation for our galaxy blowing bubbles at temperatures of 7 million degrees Fahrenheit 3. The first theory is that, perhaps a few million years ago, a burst of star formation at the galactic center created numerous massive stars, all with high-speed winds of high-energy particles.

Because this alone could not begin to explain the super-high energy within the bubbles, that theory further imagines that many of these stars blew up into supernovae simultaneously. Then, perhaps, that black hole could have developed something it does not presently have: We see such jets exploding from the supermassive black holes in a few other galaxies see M87, number 25 on our list, for example.

The ultimate answer could be even stranger. Might these be the long-sought signs of dark matter?Mar 10,  · If the universe is expanding, then what does it expand into?

originally appeared on Quora: the place to gain and share knowledge, empowering people to learn from others and better understand the. In an expanding universe, the farther away an astronomical object is, the faster it recedes. The Hubble constant says how much faster.

Edwin Hubble himself estimated that galaxies move away from us kilometers per second faster for each additional megaparsec of distance between us and them (a megaparsec is about million light-years).

Feb 02,  · Our expanding universe! Hubble builds on his earlier discovery that the Milky Way Galaxy is but one of many galaxies in our Universe to find that the Universe is expanding. Alas Trekkies, there's some great news on the horizon: The Star Trek universe is expanding!.

The Ever Expanding Universe in Modern Cosmology,

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Hubble Finds Universe Expanding Faster Than Expected | NASA