The memorys keeper

Remember when going scotch if from the southor going down to the smoke if from the northwas long distance? When Middle East work was readily available?. When driving a or F89 meant you were truly the king of the road?

The memorys keeper

October 1, Dear Sir! I wonder if there are any people who remember the building at 8 Princes Square, later 8 Swedenborg Square?

The memorys keeper

In the year of the address was 33 Princes Square. This building was owned by the old Swedish Church in Princes Square. Sven was a good friend of a Swedish woman named Elizabeth Stride, who often came and visit the church and 33 Princes Square because the church-reading room was located in the home of Sven Olsson.

Sven gave Elizabeth food and money because she was very poor. On the 30th of September she became Jack the Rippers third victim. Doug Jackson permalink October 16, I have just discovered my grandfather Harry The memorys keeper lived at 42 Wellclose Square in the early s.

Any memories anyone has of him would be gratefully received!

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Thanks for taking the time and care to put together such a well researched piece. Tracing ancestors is interesting but an insight into their lives is a real plus. Kim Whyte Ahmed permalink November 18, Hi I am trying to find any information about my family who lived in 2b Pell St from early to I was born there in If anyone has any information that could help me I would be very greatful.

This article has been very interesting, gives me some idea of where I started… Any information at all would be much appreciated. Does anyone remember the dairy? My grandfather was William Jones — one of the herdsmen was Cyril Carson. Any info would be appreciated.

Chris Breach permalink September 20, I have left a comment in the past regarding my mother Honor Breach and her relations the Carson family who were cow keepers and had a Dairy business in Swedenbourg Square Stepney. Cyril Carson was the only son who delivered the fresh milk locally.

He had several friends I recall ,one being Bob Moseley and the other a gentleman called Arthur. The Carson family retired to Cornwall and Cyril married a lady who worked in a hotel in Looe.

He became a fisherman working on a fishing boat out of the harbour and subsequently he took a farm to work as a farmer. This was probably fifty plus years ago and over this time my mother who has now passed away and I lost contact.

This may fill a gap for Rosie Johnson but any other information would be appreciated October 4, A really interesting article! They were Herbert and Annie Goodman. Their children that I can remember!! Mum mentioned the dairy with the cow at the top of the square where they bought their milk.

She also talked of The Mahogany Bar, off Welclose Square, part of an old music-hall, where she and other local children were treated to magic lantern shows.

A neighbouring family were the Demels who I think were originally from Germany. Mr Demel was in the merchant navy during the war. The Bandelows moved from the square in when the bombing of the docks became really bad.

His name is also John! I have have tried to locate the German side of the family without much luck, if you have any information relating to this side of the family, I would gratefully appreciate it. There was a very famous character called Granny Wooster who took in sailors and ran a boarding house where she also looked after my father Jack including his sisters Mary and Queenie.

Great to read all these wonderful stories. Nick Callaghan permalink April 22, Alan Vickers. Dawn kennedy permalink April 22, Freddy Cooke, George Demmel was my uncle, my mum was Franie, it was the oldest sister Marie that drove the tea van.

Pieter van der Merwe permalink July 23, Glad to find this useful piece: November 3, Absolutely fascinating, thanks so much William Palin. I was there with you brother Tom!Download-Theses Mercredi 10 juin Fight Man You have seen the movies, now you can play the game!

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