The plan to resscue sears

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The plan to resscue sears

For seven hours Goodwin fought the high altitude winds, slippery glass, and repeated attempts by the Chicago Fire Department to stop him. A few feet below the top Goodwin taped an American flag to the building to honor his father who fought in the Korean War. Goodwin stated the reason he scaled the building was to call attention to inadequacies in high-rise firefighting and rescue.

Goodwin stated the reason he made the climb was to keep a promise he made to a young Dallas resident stricken with cystic fibrosis. To elude firemen who were descending toward him in a window-washing machine, Goodwin swung across the building with a rope. The fire department, on the inside of the building, used fire axes to shatter window glass near Goodwin and then through the openings in the glass attempted to dislodge Goodwin from the building with grappling hooks attached to long poles.

Goodwin said he made the climb to call attention to the inability to successfully fight fires in high-rise buildings. Goodwin attached an American flag, the same one he taped to the Sears Tower into the upper-most floor of the North Tower in tribute to Americans who died in war.

Goodwin said he made the climb to call attention to the inability to rescue trapped occupants from the upper levels of skyscrapers. Using his hands and feet, Goodwin climbed one side, rappelled down then climbed the far side of the tower, followed by another rappel.

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Goodwin's climb was a sponsored publicity event celebrating the CN Tower's tenth anniversary. Goodwin said he made the climb to call attention to the inability to conduct rescue operations in the upper floors of skyscrapers.

The ascent was recorded for a TV show that was planned to be aired in the fall of Frequently, he broke with rock climbing tradition by climbing without a rope, performing acrobatic maneuvers including the one arm fly-off and flag maneuver.

In response to those in the rock climbing community who called Goodwin's acrobatic moves "stunts", and therefore unworthy of recognition, Goodwin stated he was " sport climbing " and not bound by the rules of traditional rock climbing.

Goodwin did not participate in the championship, serving instead as a commentator for CBS Sports.Sears Holdings Corp. is preparing to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in the coming days following years of declining sales, sources said on Wednesday, casting doubt over the survival of.

The plan to resscue sears

The news comes as Lampert was pitching a rescue plan in an effort to avoid bankruptcy. He wants the retailer’s board to sell assets and creditors to refinance debts. Sears once dominated the American retail landscape but failed to keep up with changing shopping habits and filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on Monday.

FILE - In this May 14, file photo, shoppers walk into Sears in Peabody, Mass. After a challenging holiday shopping season, Sears is accelerating the closing of some of its stores. Shares fell. Sears CEO Lampert has new rescue plan, but says Sears must "act immediately" Eddie Lampert, CEO of Sears Holdings Corp., says his ESL Investments hedge fund has a new plan to rescue the beleaguered retailer, but Sears must "act immediately" to avoid bankruptcy.

The bankruptcy filing would end a standoff between Chief Executive Officer Eddie Lampert, the retailer's biggest shareholder and lender, and a special board committee the company has formed to consider a rescue plan that would involve asset sales and a debt restructuring.

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