Undeveloped village

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Undeveloped village

If one thing is for certain, the Village is really, really old. Old by New York City standards, and even old by American standards.

Undeveloped village

But which building is the oldest of the old? We know the histories of many West Village buildings because a Undeveloped village number of them are included within historic districts which means the Landmarks Preservation Commission has authored designation reports with information including dates of construction for each, which can all be read on our Resources page.

As far as the non-landmarked sections are concerned, we have done our own research on every single building in the South Village and in the East Village. So we had oodles of information to pour over as we took on the task. The original owner, William F.

An Undeveloped village date of construction for the house has yet to be determined. It first appeared on tax maps on York Avenue insuggesting that it was built elsewhere and moved to York Avenue in the midth century. Moving along… 77 Bedford Street Even older is the Isaacs-Hendricks House at 77 Bedford Street, on the corner of Commerce Street, which was originally a wooden house; its brick front was added in A year after its construction the house was bought by Harmon Hendricks.

In an interesting twist, the factory also supplied copper for the Savannah, the first steamship ever to cross the Atlantic.

The construction date of makes the Isaacs-Hendricks House the oldest extant house in Greenwich Village.

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But is the oldest house in the entire Village? Today, its is the only 19th century home in Manhattan that has been preserved completely intact on both the interior and the exterior. Gertrude Treadwell was born in this house in and lived here until her death at age 93! Originally used as the Dry Dock Banking House, it was built inwhen the surrounding neighborhood was virtually uncharted territory.

While this makes it by far the oldest extant building in Alphabet City, it is certainly not the oldest in the entire Village. Built 21 years prior, an obvious contender for the title is No. It is one of those rare gems that is rich in both architectural integrity and historical associations.

Its exterior looks almost exactly as it did when it was built in by Petrus Stuyvesant, great-grandson of Peter Stuyvesant, the last Dutch Director-General of New Netherland. Petrus built the house for his daughter Elizabeth when she married Nicholas Fish, a close friend of both Alexandar Hamilton and General Lafayette.

Inthe rows of Anglo-Italianate homes that make up much of the St. So where IS the oldest building?

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The house is crawling with stylistic signs of its age, including splayed lintels, Flemish Bond brickwork, and doorway proportions that are typical of that era.

Inthe house was designated a landmark as part of the St. Visible from our office windows, through the courtyard of St. We would love to hear from you! If you think you know of a house in the Village that dates from beforeor if there is a house whose history you have always been curious about, leave us a comment!Come explore the wildest, most undeveloped shoreline that Lake Tahoe has to offer.

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Undeveloped village

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