Welcome speeches for annual function

Write, using the notes you made in the plan outline. Getting the focus and tone right The focus is always the audience and your goal is to make them look forward to whatever is coming next. You are uniting and bringing them together in the common purpose at the heart of the occasion.

Welcome speeches for annual function

Generally, this celebration includes cultural programs like dance and singing performance.

Welcome Speeches for Parties

Schools or colleges invite the eminent chief guests from administrative fraternity like trustees or local politician from education ministry or from local government bodies. Annual Day Function Anchoring Speech Script If you are searching for an annual day function anchoring speech script for your school or college or some call it Compering Scriptthen you are at right place.

You can use this script even if it is a purely annual cultural day program. In that article, we have explained what should be added to annual day report and its format. You can make changes in it as per your requirement like you can add some funny jokes in between and make the best version of it.

Here we have written another post for school cultural day anchoring speech scriptyou can check that too. We are truly blessed with your presence.

Anchor 2 -Please have a big round of applause for our chief guest Mr. Srujit Sharma, he is a state education minister; he has done a tremendous work in the field of education.

Along with him please welcome our very own principal madam Mrs. A very good evening ladies and gentlemen, a galaxy of intellectuals, your Excellency, honored guest, teachers and all my dear friends. Let us see together a colorful rainbow of programs unfold.

Sharma and Principal madam on stage for lamp lighting. Dear Sir and Madam please grace us with your presence on the podium.

We hope she bless us with more and more success in school and further in life. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: Hate cannot drive out hate: Most of the time principal or department HOD will present the annual report. We are blessed to have you all here today.

And I feel very proud to be part of such amazing institution. Without taking too much of the time, I will be quickly sharing the achievements of the school, teachers, and students. I must tell you we have very talented students, here are their achievements.

They are a group of 10 members of class 8 and 9 showing us their dance skill in this indo-western fusion form.

Annual Day Function Anchoring Speech Script for School, College in English

Welcome ……… them… with a big round of applaud. Anchoring Speech to introduce Various Dance Performances Song performance Anchor 2 -After that breath-taking dance performance let us soothe our ears with mesmerizing voice Priyanka who will be singing one of best of great Lataji Mangeshkar.

She wanted to keep it as a surprise.Welcome Speeches June 29, Sami Ullah Leave a comment Sample welcome speech for annual day program in school, college, university or office to students and torosgazete.com://torosgazete.com /welcome-speech-for-annual-day-program.

The key is to use your own imagination and be torosgazete.com’re opening the church function, that’s a position of respect and, not to put pressure on you, but your speech will either sink or float the morale for the whole torosgazete.com best way to do speeches is to not plan every syllable of every word as you’ll only end up getting it torosgazete.com://torosgazete.com Speech of Annual Day Function School Function Welcome Speech Annual Day Welcome Speech of Annual Day Speeches for church ushers day wild darktube org November 10th, - The church annual usher day Speeches for church ushers day welcome speech for wdscorg/e-welc/torosgazete.com Jan 31,  · Annual Day function is about the School’s annual report.

Try to give more time for sharing the achievement than performances. Be confident while delivering the annual day speech. Practice your anchoring speech script in front of a mirror.

Do not mug up and read from the script.

Welcome speeches for annual function

Understand the overall function and speak from the heart/5(). 02 November , Royal Marang Hotel, Rustenburg, North West Province Thank you Program Director for the gracious platform that you are propelling and for this moment that you offer in setting in motion the welcome and the opening torosgazete.com://torosgazete.com Home > About EDB > Press Release > Speeches and Articles > Speeches and Articles by Secretary for Education > St Paul ’s Convent School Annual Speech Day on 25 November Rev.

Welcome speeches for annual function

Mother Jacqueline Ho, Sr. Margaret Wong, distinguished guests, parents, teachers and students, It is always nice to be with young torosgazete.com://torosgazete.com

How To Present Welcome Address for School Annual Day