Woman and harriet

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Woman and harriet

Woman and harriet edit ] Miers attended Southern Methodist Universitywhere she received a bachelor's degree in mathematics and a Juris Doctor degree However, Miers' education would later prove troublesome during her nomination process.

Her academic background went against a tradition that had gained momentum since the late s of appointing justices who had received their collegiate, legal, and other graduate education at elite institutions.

At the time of her nomination, all sitting justices hailed from the leading "Top 14" law schools specifically YaleHarvardStanfordColumbiaand Northwestern. Consequently, as the nomination process developed, individuals across the partisan spectrum came to both denigrate Miers on account of her degrees as well as to paint them as a non-issue.

Addressing her education, conservative columnist and Harvard-trained psychiatrist Charles Krauthammer contended that "the Supreme Court is an elite institution.

It is not one of the 'popular' branches of government"; conversely, Harry Reid a graduate of George Washington University Law School 's part-time program stated he did not feel an Ivy League pedigree was a necessary criterion for placement on the court. However, in the long run, discussion over Miers' academic credentials was overshadowed by the focus placed on her career history and ties to the Bush administration, with fears of "snobbery" calls quieting discussion.

Woman and harriet

She had neither taught nor written to any substantial extent on law. In private practice, as a corporate litigator at the law firm Locke Lord, Miers had courtroom experience, but a scant and undistinguished track record of litigating in federal court almost none litigating constitutional issuesand had never argued a case before the Supreme Court.

Speaking to Miers's lack of credentials, the White House quickly advanced the defense that 41 of the Supreme Court Justices appointed to date had never served as a judge prior to their nomination. The White House's attempt to use this to placate opposition was at best ineffectual, and at worst, backfired: The White House also argued that 10 of the 34 Justices appointed since were appointed from positions within the President's administration as was the case with Miers.

Reid, who had previously floated Miers as an example of an acceptable nominee further inflaming conservative hostility[10] [11] [12] [13] issued a statement: In my view, the Supreme Court would benefit from the addition of a justice who has real experience as a practicing lawyer.

The current justices have all been chosen from the lower federal courts. A nominee with relevant non-judicial experience would bring a different and useful perspective to the Court. Many critics were concerned that her inner-circle relationship with the president and his staff could lead to conflicts of interests in court cases.

Woman and harriet

Republican Senator Sam Brownback stated on Good Morning America that "[t]here's precious little to go on and a deep concern that this would be a Souter -type candidate.

Bush, yet Souter turned out to be considered a mostly liberal justice. Wadeamong other abortion -related Supreme Court precedents, was highly topical in this nomination, in part because O'Connor had voted to overturn a number of state restrictions on abortion, often in narrowly divided 5—4 decisions.

Inwhen Miers was running for the Dallas City Council, she allegedly filled out a survey for the anti-abortion group Texas United for Life. The questionnaire asked "If Congress passes a Human Life Amendment to the Constitution that would prohibit abortion except when it was necessary to prevent the death of the mother, would you actively support its ratification by the Texas Legislature.Former Bundibugyo Woman MP, Harriet Ntabazi has been arraigned in court over charges of uttering false documents which she presented to the Electoral Commission for her nomination.

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Support Us. (video clip of President Bush:) 'I know her heart.' Notice how he said nothing about her brain? He didn't have to.

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He feels the truth about Harriet Miers.. Withdrawal. President George W. Bush withdrew his nomination of Harriet Miers shortly after an awkward dispute she had with Sen.

Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania, then the Republican chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

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