Write a speech on 26 january in hindi

Dear Sir, I seek to express my views on the use of unfair means by students in examinations.

Write a speech on 26 january in hindi

Udham Singh Nagar Khariboli in Hindustani popular culture[ edit ] Khariboli is often seen as rustic by speakers of Standard Hindustani, and elements of it were used in Hum LogIndia's first television soap opera, where the main family was depicted as having roots in Western Uttar Pradesh.

One hypothesis of how Khariboli came to be described as khari standing asserts that it refers to the "stiff and rustic uncouthness" of the dialect compared to the "mellifluousness and soft fluency" of Braj Bhasha.

There are also variations within Khari itself across the area in which it is spoken. In the mid-twentieth century, Indian scholar and nationalist, Rahul Sankrityayanproposed a redrawing of the linguistic map of the Hindustani zone.

Standard Hindi, Urdu, Dakhini and Rekhta. Standard Hindi also High Hindi, Nagari Hindi is used as the lingua franca of Northern India the Hindi beltUrdu is the lingua franca of Pakistan, Dakhini is the historical literary dialect of the Deccan region, and Rekhta the "mixed dialect" used in medieval poetry.

Early influences[ edit ] The area around Delhi has long been the center of power in northern Indiaand naturally, the Khari Boli dialect came to be regarded as urbane and of a higher standard than the other dialects of Hindi.

write a speech on 26 january in hindi

Standard Hindustani first developed with the migration of Persian Khari Boli speakers from Delhi to the Awadh region—most notably Amir Khusromixing the 'roughness' of Khari Boli with the relative 'softness' of Awadhi to form a new language which they called "Hindavi.

Rise as the basis for Standard Hindustani[ edit ] The earliest examples of Khariboli can be seen in the compositions of Amir Khusro — The Persian-influenced Khariboli thus gradually came to be regarded as a prestige dialect, although hardly any literary works had been written in Khariboli before the British period in India.

John Borthwick Gilchrista president of that college, encouraged his professors to write in their native tongue; some of the works thus produced were in the literary form of the Khariboli dialect.

More developed forms of Khariboli can also be seen in some mediocre literature produced in early 18th century. With the government patronage and the literary popularity, the Khariboli flourished, even as the use of previously more literary tongues such as Awadhi, Braj and Maithili declined in the literary vehicles.

The literary works in Khariboli gained momentum from the second half of the 19th century onwards.

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Gradually, in the subsequent years, Khariboli became the basis for standard Hindustani, which began to be taught in schools and used in government functions.

However, the association of Urdu with the Muslims prompted Hindus to develop their own Sanskritised version of the dialect, leading to the formation of Modern Standard Hindi.Hindi Short Story “Jese ko Tesa”, “जैसे को तैसा” Hindi Laghu Katha for Class 9, Class 10 and Class Hindi Short Story “Lalchi Kutta”, “लालची कुत्ता” Hindi .

I taught myself Hindi from this book, so I have a special place in my heart for this particular book. However, bias aside, there are several reasons I feel this book is the best book to learn Hindi grammar.

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torosgazete.com CBSE is no longer conducting the exam, it was assumed that the form would be released on torosgazete.com, but that isn’t the case. Best 26 January Speech PDF in Hindi English For Students Teachers School.

January 25, 26 January Speech in Hindi. Read This: 26 January Anchoring script. sports, speech, patriotic drama and essay writing and sweets are distributed in last of the function. Every citizen should take a pledge to make our country peaceful, developed.

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