Writing a public relations pitch

So how can you streamline the process of pitching to make team members as successful and efficient as possible? While each pitch can, and often will, look a little different, we have found that there are four primary components that should be included in every pitch. Here are the four core components and their definitions: Lead The lead is the angle into your story.

Writing a public relations pitch

Pitch Public Relations is a boutique firm specializing in national media for consumer and business-to-business companies. We have a distinguished reputation for delivering significant media coverage for startups and major brands in an array of industries.

Our contacts are unmatched. We deliver meaningful coverage on a daily basis. Ann is frequently featured as a top media expert on public relations including Inc.

She has worked with a number of major brands and has been the guest for many broadcast interviews and speaking engagements.

writing a public relations pitch

A skilled writer and strong communicator, Jackie is meticulous in executing campaigns and building lasting relationships with the media, clients and colleagues. Melanie Anderson Senior Account Manager With a proven track record of getting results and a reputation for strong media and client relations, Melanie has a unique ability to tailor pitches in the most effective way- putting clients in the national spotlight.

With over 15 years writing a public relations pitch experience, she successfully executes campaigns that bring her clients the best results. She has a successful track record of building strong media relationships, and repeated client exposure with top tier outlets.

Kistie Adams Senior Publicist With an expertise in media relations that spans over 7 years, Kistie has a strong background on the national and regional level. Having achieved exposure for her clients in national, trade and local press, she is savvy in all aspects of media relations.

Nadine Bubeck Publicist A former television anchor and reporter, Nadine has an extensive background in television, writing, networking, and marketing. As an accomplished blogger and author, she uses her media skills to help businesses gain buzz and momentum through PR.

She holds a degree from Georgetown University. Katie Snyder Publicist An accomplished publicist, Katie executes media strategy for companies in a wide variety of industries. She has an uncanny ability to find the right story to helps brands connect with consumers through editorial media.

Stephanie Hall Publicist Starting out as a marketing and social media specialist, Stephanie transferred her skills into PR where she further developed her versatile writing skills.

She loves to create smart story angles that resonate with her media contacts to land significant coverage for clients. Alexis Amezquita Publicist After many years as a television producer and reporter, Alexis knows what sets a good pitch apart from a great pitch.

Gretchen Pahia Publicist With nearly 20 years valuable experience in both media and public relations, Gretchen is a firm believer that building lasting relationships with her clients is a strong background for achieving solid and visible results. Marybeth Grass Executive Media Coordinator With more than 15 years of marketing and publicity experience, Marybeth has an extensive background overseeing regional publicity, promotions and special events.

She now enjoys a wide variety of clients and thrives on generating media results and fostering and maintaining long-term relationships with clients, as well as the media, business and other community contacts. Jordan White Public Relations Coordinator With a background in creative writing and digital media, Jordan has a strong understanding of what it takes to create high-quality content that possesses a truly unique voice.

Kaitlyn Hunter Public Relations Coordinator With a background in strategic communications, Kaitlyn began as a social media specialist and turned her focus to her real passion for PR.If you want to write pitches that will be read, rather than sent to the trash immediately, consider the five tips below.


Related: What to Do When No . Good people of the PR world, the next time you’re getting ready to send a pitch, first read it back to yourself as if you were the journalist receiving it.

If you wouldn’t respond, they probably won’t, either. Home >> Small business marketing >> How to Write a Great PR Pitch and Get the Media’s Attention You’ve got some cool company news and want to get PR coverage for it.

You even have a press release ready to go. The Anatomy of a PR Pitch – How to Structure & Standardize Pitching Across Your Team As any PR or communications professional knows, pitching is the single most important skill to possess.

While there are various approaches and styles to this, it’s important to find a structure and style for pitching that has had proven success within your industry and then standardize that formula across your team.

by Emily Sidley | June 12, | Public Relations | comments Despite their similarities, a pitch and a press release are actually two very different things. Although most people think of press releases as the bread and butter of getting media coverage, the reality is that a lot of story ideas simply aren’t worthy of a press release and a pitch is actually much better.

If you have a good story and hope reporters will help you get the word out, the press release -- an old school public relations tactic -- is not your friend.

It's a storytelling buzz kill.

Dear Public Relations Professionals